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Auto Label Inspection Machine

At Flexo Graphic Printing Machine, We specialize in auto label inspection machines in Ahmedabad. Auto label inspection machine with slitting is a must-have for any professional labeler. With its automatic inspection and precise defect positioning, this machine ensures that your products are of the highest quality. In addition, the machine's web guide system ensures that your rolls are unwound and sliced to perfection. With this machine, you can easily check the quality of your labels and see if they have any defects.

Technical Specifications

The machine comes with a 2K or 4K camera that provides a high-quality image of the labels. The camera also comes with a zoom feature that lets you get a close-up view of the labels. This machine is used in the printing mechanism and is best suited for detecting flaws in printing sheets. With its bi-directional movement facility, the auto label inspection machine with slitting is easy to use and will quickly become a vital part of your production line. This machine can detect defective labels and missing labels, color differences, bad registration and scratched labels.