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Multi Color Sticker Machine

Multi Color Sticker Machine

The multi colour sticker machine is a cutting-edge device designed for efficient and vibrant sticker production. With advanced printing technology, it enables the creation of eye-catching stickers in multiple colors, enhancing visual appeal. This user-friendly machine offers customization options, allowing users to produce unique and personalized stickers for various applications. Its versatility, speed, and precision make it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking high-quality, multi-colored sticker solutions. Streamlining the sticker-making process, this machine is a valuable asset for those looking to add a creative touch to their products or projects.

Technical Specifications of Multi Color Sticker Machine

  • MODEL NO:- RK-4130/E
  • Paper width : 300 mm
  • Printing Area : 300 mm X 410 mm
  • 4 Color Printing Area : 300 mm X 95 mm
  • 3 Color Printing Area : 300 mm X 130 mm
  • Lamination System
  • Die Cut Area : 300 mm X 250 mm
  • Auto Unloading Unit
  • Auto Rewinding Unit
  • Motorize Waste Rewinding System
  • Repeat pass Scanner System
  • Machines Speed 5000 Stroke Per Hr. maximum
  • Main Motor 5 HP, 3 Phase A.C. variable Speed Control System
  • Paper Feeding Electronic Servo Motor Control System 
  • Machine Control with Fully Digital Electronic with Auto Stop Control System
  • Power Consumption 7.5 HP 3 Phase
  • Height 6 Ft, Width.5 Ft, Length 11 Ft
  • Cross Foil Unit For Stamping EXTRA
  • Either Printing / Stamping Will Run at a time
  • Auto Sheet Cutting Unit EXTRA

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