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Rotary Die Cutting
RK-PTR-320 Roll to Roll Rotary Die Cutting And Slitting With Turret Rewinding Machine
RK-PTR-320 Roll to Roll Rotary Die Cutting And Slitting With Turret Rewinding Machine
Technical Specifications
  • MODEL NO: - RK PTR-320
  • Paper Width : 320mm maximum
  • Rotary Die Cutting Unit
  • Unwinding:
  • --> Max Roll ø600mm
  • --> 3” Air Shaft (75mm)
  • --> Electronic Web Guide (ULTRASONIC BASED SYSTEM)
  • Rotary Die Cutting Unit with 3 Roller System
  • Online Waste Matrix Rewinding Unit
  • Online Slitting Unit
  • Air Blower for Waste Trimming
  • Label & Meter Count With PLC Based Auto Stop Control
  • Fully Touch HMI Screen For Easy of Operation
  • Individual Motor for Unwinding 2 HP and Rewinding 1 HP Single Phase with VFD
  • Machine Speed 100 m/min
  • Rewinding Unit:
  • --> Turret Type Rewinding Unit
  • --> Auto Turret Index by Stepper Motor
  • --> Foward & Reverse Rewinding System With Button Selection
  • --> 1", 1.5",3" Rewinding Airshaft (Each 2 Pcs) with Auto Speed synchronizing
  • Power Consumption : 3.5 HP Single Phase
  • Height 5 Ft , Width 4.5 Ft, Length 6 Ft
  • Extra Option:
  • MonoShaft Rewinding Unit

Use of Die Cutting Machine

Die cutting is a precise and consistent cutting technique that employs a cutting die, which is a shaped blade, to cut through materials. This process can be carried out using different types of die cutting machines, including manual, electronic, and digital variants. Manual die cutting machines are operated by hand, utilizing a lever to press the die into the material. On the other hand, electronic and digital die cutting machines rely on motors or computer software to control the cutting process, respectively. These machines are widely used in various creative pursuits such as crafts, scrapbooking, and card-making. Additionally, they find application in the manufacturing of packaging materials, labels, and promotional items. To achieve optimal results when using a die cutting machine, it is crucial to select the appropriate cutting die and adhere to the manufacturer's instructions regarding material thickness and machine settings.