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Flatbed Printing
Technical Specifications
  • MODEL NO:- RK-4120/E
  • Paper width : 215 mm
  • Printing Area : 205 mm X 410 mm
  • 4 Color Printing Area : 205 mm X 95 mm
  • 3 Color Printing Area : 205 mm X 130 mm
  • Stamping / Lamination System
  • Stamping Area 220 X 200
  • Die Cut Area : 220 mm X 250 mm
  • Auto Unloading Unit
  • Auto Rewinding Unit
  • Motorize Waste Rewinding System
  • Machines Speed 5000 Stroke Per Hr. maximum
  • Main Motor 3 HP, 3 Phase A.C. variable Speed Control System
  • Paper Feeding Electronic Servo Motor Control System
  • Machine Control with Fully Digital Electronic with Auto Stop Control System
  • Power Consumption 5 HP 3 Phase
  • Height 6 Ft, Width.5 Ft, Length 11 Ft
  • Cross Foil Unit For Stamping EXTRA
  • Either Printing / Stamping Will Run at a time
  • Auto Sheet Cutting Unit EXTRA

The Significance of Multi Color Sticker Machine for Business

Flatbed printing has revolutionized the printing industry, and one of the most advanced multi-color sticker machines currently available is the RK-4120-E. This cutting-edge machine is designed to handle a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, glass, and plastic, making it an incredibly versatile tool for various printing projects. The multi-color sticker machine offers a significant advantage by allowing direct printing onto the surface of the material, eliminating the need for additional adhesives or transfer papers. This not only saves time and money but also produces prints of higher quality with sharper details and more vibrant colors.

Another notable benefit of this machine is its exceptional high-speed printing capabilities. With the ability to produce up to 120 square meters of printed material per hour, it is an ideal choice for large-scale printing projects. Additionally, the printer's advanced software enables precise color matching and image placement, guaranteeing that every print meets the highest quality standards.