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Ice Cream Sleeve Printing and Cutting Machine

For more than 2.5 decades we have been leading in the field of label printing and auxiliary machine manufacturing. Our vast range of services includes ice cream sleeve printing and cutting machine ICS-230. The machine has automated the production of paper cone sleeves for ice cream as a result of which huge manual effort is saved.

Furthermore, by changing the moulds, the ice cream sleeve printing and cutting machine is capable of delivering 17C-28C angles for the cone. You will be happy to know that most of the parts of ICS-230 are integrated with leading global brands and some of them are Robatech, Panasonic and Schneider.

If we talk about the functional approach of the machine, initially printing of paper is done from the paper bracket and then to the transportation chain. Afterward, it is sent to the forming module. This printed paper is sucked through the sucking mouth of the machine. Furthermore, at the time of transportation, the entire paper is spread using hot-melt glue. Once the process is completed, the paper is sent to auto-collecting automatically.

From here, the process of piling and counting is automatically performed without any manual intervention. And the output of the paper will be as per the pre-set piling numbers. The machine will not be stopped during this activity.

Further, following the activities shared above, the ice cream sleeve printing and cutting machine produces cone sleeves for ice cream and waffles automatically using either unprinted or printed paper rolls. You will be happy to know, the ICS-230 machine does not only punch printed and unprinted paper rolls but also coated and laminated paper.

The machine has been designed following the latest approach because the ultimate aim is to generate maximum production. Hence, you will get minimum scrap and the ability to use the machine for a longer period of time.

Some Attractive Features of Ice Cream Sleeve Printing and Cutting Machine:

As we have mentioned above, the machine automates the production of cones and saves lots of manual effort. Here are some great features that make the ice cream sleeve printing and cutting machine advantageous and in demand. Let's have look:

Full Touch Screen Control System:

ICS-230 is available with touch screens as a result of which controlling end-to-end execution becomes hassle-free. Accessing the system is quite uncomplicated hence the learning curve is effortless.

With Slicing Table and Paper Holder:

Another feature that makes the machine powerful and fast is the presence of a slice table and paper holder. Now no extra manpower is needed for slicing and holding the paper rolls.

Automatic Plate Registration System:

A system with automation is always appreciated and the same goes with ice cream sleeve printing and cutting machine. The team gets automatic plate registration systems that give them time for other executions.

No Need for Pressure for Every Job:

Systems that need pressure, again and again, are solely a waste of time because the extra effort is the time required for the same. With ICS-230, you get an opportunity to set the pressure at once for the entire operation.

Quick Change Printing Cylinder:

The machine holds a fast job change system which means here changing printing cylinders is quick.

Other Extra Features of Ice Cream Sleeve Printing and Cutting Machine:

  • All UV Dryer and Hot Air Dryer
  • Servo-Based 8 Colour
  • Electronic Web Guide (ULTRASONIC BASED SYSTEM)
  • Auto Electronic Tension Controller (Powder Brake)
  • Load Cell Feedback
  • Video Monitor
  • Turn bar for Back Side Printing
  • Cold Foil / Lamination Unit
  • Snowball Rewinding