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Servo Sticker Label Printing Machine

One of the most adaptable and old marketing techniques is the sticker. The printing of personalized stickers is a fantastic method to advertise your company or event at a low cost. Stickers may be attached practically everywhere, allowing them to go places that other marketing items cannot. With hundreds of size variations and a variety of paper alternatives, the servo sticker label printing machine gives you the freedom to manufacture personalized stickers. This printer prints quickly and the printed stickers can also be used on boxes and packages. You should get this printer if you want an elevated level of printing experience.

Advantages of Servo Sticker Label Printing Machine

  • It has a touch control system.
  • It has a UV and hot air dryer.

Technical Specifications of Servo Sticker Label Printing Machine

  • Servo Based 8 Colour Printing Unit with All UV Dryer and Hot Air Dryer
  • Automatic Plate Registration System
  • Chiller Drum System
  • Full Touch Screen Control System
  • Unwinding Unit:

- Max Roll ø1000mm

- Air Shaft (75mm)


- With Slicing Table and Paper Holder

- Auto Electronic Tension Controller (Powder Brake) with Load Cell Feedback (IMPORTED)

- Air Pneumatic Loading System For Easy Loading of Reels

  • 8 Nos Ceramic Anilox Rollers (As Per Your Requirement)
  • 3 Set Printing Cylinder (As Per Your Requirement)
  • Individual Motorized Anilox Roll System for Each Printing Unit
  • Printing Unit Adopt 360°  to Regulate Each Unit
  • No Need Pressure for every Job one-time set
  • Quick Change Printing Cylinder & fast job change system
  • Two Rotary Die Cutting Unit One For Die Cutting And Second For Sheet Cutting /Full Cutting With Conveyer Belt System
  • Rewinding Unit:

- Max Roll ø1000mm

- 3” Air Shaft (75mm)

- Auto Tension Controller (Powder Clutch)

  • Speed - 100- 120 M/min (UV Dryer)
  • Max Print Width : 310 MM
  • Max Print Length : 450 MM 
  • Extra Option:
  • Video Montior
  • Turn bar for Reverse Printing
  • Cold Foil / Lamination Unit
  • Delam-Relam
  • Sheeter Stacker
  • Snowball Rewinding