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Sticker Label Half Cut Perforation Machine

The adhesive-coated sheet's little labels must be trimmed without affecting the lower connected paper. This printed sheet must thus be cut with the best machine possible without causing any damage to the bottom paper that is attached to the printed sheet with the adhesive.

This sticker-label half-cut perforation machine is multifunctional and can readily change to a rotary disc slit perforator and crease for perforation as on bankers’ checkbooks and creasing, bending on wedding cards, and book title creasing. The upper printed paper is first cut by the machine in one direction, and this sheet is then cut in a different direction perpendicular to the first without cutting the rear paper to the exact set size for the sticker or label.

Advantages of Sticker Label Half Cut Perforation Machine

  • It has 10 rotatory blade gunsets to cut the labels with perfection.
  • The speed is controlled electronically by a potentiometer.

Technical Specifications of Sticker Label Half Cut Perforation Machine

  • Paper Feeding Size 24’’
  • Min. 40 Gms. Release Paper
  • Max. 150 Gms. Release Paper
  • 10 Rotary Blade Gun Set
  • Min. Two Blade Gap Setting 16 mm
  • Main Motor 0.5 HP AC Variable Speed Control
  • Power Consumption - 0.5 HP Single Phase
  • Height 2 Ft, Width. 2.5 Ft, Length 1.2 Ft